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 Battles of Norghan
 is a turn-based
 fantasy strategy game
 by Mitorah Games.

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Battles of Norghan tips and some rules
The 1.02+ manual is up-to-date and also contains a lot of tips.

  If you are having trouble learning how to play Battles of Norghan with just the in-game tutorial and the manual, this youtube video could help you. It also shows you a good starting strategy for game mode B. Don't forget to read the manual of the game as well, located in the folder where you installed the game.  
  The races in Battles of Norghan  
  Each race's rareness in the mercenary camp and rival race  


The race's rival race which can't be in the same clan with its rival:

Aragan17/1050Rival: Minotaur
Archer (human)80/1050Rival: Mountain troll
Barbarian (human)40/1050Rival: Mysteryarch
Black Knight (human)90/1050Rival: Knight
Centaur13/1050Rival: Drake
Drake6/1050Rival: Centaur
Druid (human)25/1050Rival: Witch
Dwarf70/1050Rival: Orc
Elf70/1050Rival: Rogue
Giant41/1050Rival: Goblin
Goblin100/1050Rival: Giant
Imp26/1050Rival: Priest
Knight (human)90/1050Rival: Black Knight
Minotaur50/1050Rival: Aragan
Mountain troll8/1050Rival: Archer
Mysteryarch8/1050Rival: Barbarian
Ogre11/1050Rival: Wizard
Orc100/1050Rival: Dwarf
Priest (human)40/1050Rival: Imp
Rogue (human)80/1050Rival: Elf
Witch (human)30/1050Rival: Druid
Wizard (human)55/1050Rival: Ogre
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