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 Battles of Norghan
 is a turn-based
 fantasy strategy game
 by Mitorah Games.

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Battles of Norghan Gold Version custom modifications
- Tips and instructions

  You can easily edit these with a text editor  
  * Name lists of the mercenaries.
* Just about everything related to the races and created units in Battles of Norghan:
  Their skills, attributes, racial attributes (such as flying or not being able to wear heavy armours), stories, rival races etc.
* Equipment or their costs or add new equipment.
* Map theme chances.
* Unit placing distances.
* And more.
  Common instructions  
  * Don't include any extra characters in the text files.
* Don't change the file names of the text files or move them from the DB folder.
* It's recommended to backup the original text files.
* Some text files which are a bit hard to read with a normal text editor are meant to be read with a datasheet editor such as Microsoft Excel.
* Don't remove or modify any text comments or instructions from the text files.

* If you've made a modification, you can announce it in our forums.
* If it's a good one, we'll give some sort of extra coverage for it.
  Name lists of the mercenaries  
  * There are three separated name lists which the game uses to pick a random name from for the mercenaries:
* Last names, female first names and male first names. There can be as many or as few names as you want in the lists.
* Add new names to new lines.
  * Many semi-colons in a line (ex. ";;;;;;;;;;") represents an empty space for a new item of the type of the first item above it.
* There has to be a semi-colon after each variable.
* You can only add new items to replace the empty items.
* There's a maximum of 12 items in each category.
* If you want a weapon's range to be 2.5 for example, use 2.5 and not 2,5 or it won't work.
* Only use weapon ranges of 1 and above, in increments of 0.5.
* Item costs should be unsigned integer values. Not 205.2 for example.
* Rest of the instructions are commented in the file.
  Map theme chances  
  * The values in the file should sum to 100 (percent).
* Simply edit the percent value of a theme by editing the variable below the theme's title.
* If you for example want all maps to be grass maps, use these values: 0 100 0 0
  Unit placing distances  
  * Edit this file if you want to change anything that affects the distance between the two clans in the beginning of a battle.
* You can edit this file the same way you can edit the Map theme chances.
* Home clan means the clan which starts below its opponent. The rest of the short file comments itself.
  Race databases  
  * Edit the Race_ files to edit just about anything that relates to the units in the game.
* The stories can be of any length but the text boxes which they are rendered on require you to test the stories in-game.
* The story of a race should start at the '#' character and end at the next '#' character.
* The values of a skill or attribute of a created unit are taken from the Race_ file by picking a ramdom number between the minimum and maximum value of the variable in that text file.
* Minimum value variable must always be less or equal to the maximum value variable.
* Valid values for the racial attributes are 1 (true) and 0 (false).
* Just about everything you change in the file affects the mercenary fees of the created units of that race.
* When you want to change the rival race of a race, write the race's name next to the "Rival:" text string. Make sure it's the exact name of the race by copy pasting the Rival: [Insert race here] string from another text file.
* You can enable or disable a race to be able to learn a spell by setting the value next to the spell's name to 1 (true) or 0 (false).
* As for the remaining details, the files either explain themselves or they are intuitive.

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