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Kristjan's Battles of Norghan Gold Mod

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:43 am    Post subject: Kristjan's Battles of Norghan Gold Mod Reply with quote

Kristjan sent me this mod for Battles of Norghan Gold.
You may download it from

Here is the description given:
First, this mode is made to improve Gamemode B experience. We consider Gamemode A too easy and not involving much strategy.
2nd, I play Norghan mostly multiplayer only, with friend.

The idea to mod the game came after I played onvr again my master heals + heavily armored troll archer combo.
It was effective vs AI hordes and instead of just taking master heal away, i decided to modify the game
fully instead. Also, we decided that game is much more interesting, if we do not hire temporary mercs, we had yearly contract as minimum
we do. Otherwise we can just abuse it before tough battle hiring drakes or whatever for 1-2 battles, ruining the game.

Three most concerning things for us we addressed were - a) 1 hit, 1 kill warrior battles, b) archery, c) unused/weak classes

1 hit, 1 kill problem. It was simple. Instead of our mighty knights dying in 1 hit, we wanted battles involve more strategy and endurance
and less luck.

So what did we do? We increased HP of every creature (except goblin) by 30%. We made most weapons do less damage
and armours absorb less damage. To make up for it, all pure casters got 200% mana regen and more mana also.
It balanced out pretty well. We knew that battles take a bit longer, but that was only downside as far as we could see.

2. Archery.
We had 2 problems with archery. It was useless early in game and too powerful late in game. We fixed both of those problems.
First, we had archery range drasticly reduced. Now bow class has 22-24 range, (magic missile has 30 range, firebolt 22), its
still good, but not godly to have archers in your team.
Second, we made crossbows do very good damage at short range. Crossbows have 14 range usually (best ones have 15), but they can
hit hard.
And also, the extremely low range and small damage of newbie bows were replaced by decent stats, so you can make a working archer
the first year you are playing. Crossbow can be even better choice if you care about stable good damage.

3. Unused/weak classes

I did not like priests having all the asnwers (heals, cures etc), Mystery Archons doing every spell there is and witches and imps
being useless. So we did another major change. We gave each character class something that he can do that others can not.
We also wanted classes like black knight, knight, dwarf have a different knack. So we removed a lot of spells from every class,
but gave them something that only they can do.
Also, we made warrior classes with spells (knights, dwarves, etc) have their spell % increased from 1-20% (pretty useless) to
35-70%. So warriors have little mana but they can cast their spells for sure now.

Priests - they lost cure. They still can heal, pray, bless and haste. They have monopoly on Greater Heal, Holy bolt and pray.
Wizards - they have some offensive spells and few buffs, but no heals. Their monopoly spell is magic missile, making them the
best long ranger fighter.
Witch - witch can cure and curse. Their monopoly spell is poison bolt, making them pretty good choice also.
Imp - they can firebolt, sleep and confuse and summon cerberi among other things. Their monopoly spells are magical punch and summmon cerberi.
Aragans - still fighter/mage. Has polearm for offense, spear for defence, firebolt, icebolt. Has almost monopoly on combat eye.
Archer - they start with even higher archery skill. Kept short and long sword skills, rest is history.
Barberian - anti-mage naked fighter. Good offensive weapon skills, high magic resistance but no armour.
Black Knight - he has confuse. No monopoly, imps can also confuse. But he is a nice fighter with a twist now.
Knight - minor heal and cure.
Centaur - not much change there
Drake - now has 140-160 hp. He know longer can cast any spells but fire breath. Drakes are no longer extremely magic resistant.
Drakes no longer have drake skin.
Druid - lightning and chainlightning. sleep. a bit of healing. Monopoly on bears and tigers. Lost some walking speed and pray.
Gained 200% mana regen as other casters did.
Dwarf - Lost some weapon skills, is good with axe and blunt and crossbows. Monopoly on stone skin
Elf - Elves were powerful units that could do anything and everything. Now they are bit less universal. Has monopoly on summon wolf.
Rogue and Orc - those dont have any spells. I might give combat eye to rogues as rogue only spell in future. Not many changes there.
Mysteryarch - lots of mana, firebolt, icebolt, mass spells but little else.
Giant, Minotaur - a bit weaker now

Ogre - lots more hps but a bit less strength. Me and my friend play that we will not hire Ogre for first 2 years.
Mountain Troll - more hps and only one who kept his 30 strength intact. Me and my friend play that we will not hire Troll for first 2 years.
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