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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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1.01 version's changes from 1.0

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Mitorah Games Studio Head

Joined: 29 Aug 2004
Posts: 331
Location: Finland

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 9:34 pm    Post subject: 1.01 version's changes from 1.0 Reply with quote

* IMPORTANT: If you're updating your 1.0 version to this version, make sure to disable the tutorial and have the game auto-saved with the tutorial disabled (by going through one round or by quitting the game when in clan menu) or the 1.0 version's save won't work with the 1.01 version because of the changed tutorials.

Bug fixes:

* Visual: Some text aligning problems (text going out of a notification box) are appearing on some computers because Windows can't find the Century Gothic font which should be installed by default and decides to use Arial instead. The 1.01 and future versions will now install the proper Century Gothic font if it doesn't exist.

* If you casted Enchanted strength or Giant's strength on a unit, sometimes the strength of the unit wouldn't go back to normal after the spell's effect ended and thus your unit ended up gaining strength permanently.

* Fixed a few bugs which occured in more than one player games if one player's clan lost completely and was replaced by a new AI controlled clan.

* If you tried to train a mercenary's axe skills (using individual unit training) it trained its two-handed sword skills instead.

* If a human controlled unit died in battle because of poison or Tear from inside, it was still the killed unit's turn until you made a command.

* The tutorial boxes' two buttons (the X mark and the check mark) did the other button's expected function when clicked.

* If a human controlled unit used a certain away to target and attack a creature, the unit could be commanded to attack a unit twice if you clicked the target after the first attack and before the next turn and before the game started to wait before actions.

* Some changes were made to the AI unit placing code which maybe might have caused a crash sometimes on some computers after you placed your units on the battlefield and when simulating battles. Now the AI unit placing code surely can't cause a crash directly.

* Minor: AI levels 3 and 4 which had more than 6 units and no units with a year's contract did not always battle-check units against a clan which's toughness was 0 (the clan had no units and was to be replaced by a new clan soon) and therefore both of those clans forfeited and the winner was chosen randomly.

* Minor: Fixed a Reflection bug which occured when both the attacker and target which was affected by Reflection died on single hit. If this occured, neither of the units died but only lost HP past or to zero.


* The in-game tutorials of the game were improved.

* The manual was expanded with a few sections and will be expanded more.

* AI levels 3 and 4 clans will now put an even safer battle-checked clan toughness advantage against another clan if they can. So that you will for example see the top AI controlled clan put more units against you just to be sure you'll lose.

* Minor: The enemy condition text string "badly injured" was replaced by "critically injured" which is a worse condition than "seriously injured".

* Increased game mode B's clans' starting gold by 16.667%.

* The base hitting chance bonus of all melee attacks was decreased from 95% to 88%.

* The maximum unit placing Y position distance to range is now 34.

* Resurrection costs were reduced significantly which helps losing clans.

* The leagues and cups were balanced in a way that the top clans will now be better and much closer to be as tough as the best AI controlled clan. The relevant changes are listed below and end at 'Difficulty setting changes:'.

* The small clans' cup's runner-up's award money was increased by 33.33% to be half of the winner's award money.

* The Cup of Glory's runner-up's award money was increased by 66.66% to be half of the winner's award money.

* Now even the losers of Cup of Glory semi finals are awarded with a gold sum which equals 18.75% of the Cup of Glory grand prize
and the winners get only 70% of that because they'll get more on the next cup round.

* The clan which is ranked second in the first division at the end of the season now gets 75% of the gold the #1 clan gets.
Third in 1st. division gets 50% of the gold the #1 clan gets.
Fourth in 1st. division gets 30% of the gold the #1 clan gets.
The same formula applies to division 2 and division 3.

* The second division winner now gets 25% more gold.

* The third division winner now gets 29.63% more gold.

* The fourth division winner now gets 16.66% more gold.

* Difficulty setting changes: The 'Difficult' difficulty now sets all AI values to the maximum (4) instead of just increasing them by 1 as that didn't have a significant enough effect. The 'Quite easy' difficulty now makes human controlled clans get 118% of the normal winning money instead of 125%. The 'Easy' difficulty now makes human controlled clans get 130% of the normal winning money instead of 140%.

* Minor: Increased Fire bolt's, Poison bolt's, Ice bolt's, Lightning's, Chain lightning's and Holy bolt's range from 20 to 22. Also increased Tear from inside's range from 22 to 23 and Fire ball's range from 24 to 25.

* AI controlled clans are now replaced at the end of the season if they have no units with equipment, less than three alive units and less than 1500 gp. In the previous version it was enough for the AI clan to have an alive unit for it not to be replaced.

* Minor: Decreased Magical punch's range to 36 from 38 because the top bow's range was decreased to 30.

* Minor: Decreased the mana cost of Lightning, Chain lightning and Fire ball by one and Tear from inside by two.

* Cure's and Negate's ranges were increased from 28 to 32.

* Balanced ranged weapons: Now the best longbow's hitting chance bonus is 25 instead of 30 and range is 30 instead of 38 and the top bows' damage was slightly decreased. Many other bows' range was also decreased. The missile weapon cost formula was edited to still make the bows cost much even after these changes. The damage reducing (after the target's defence has reduced the damage) was increased to 30% from 25%. Chance of hitting a head with a ranged bow is now 43% instead of 50% of the torso hitting chance. Bless now increases ranged damage to 135% (Used to increase to 150%). Combat eye now increases shooting hitting chance to 135% (Used to increase to 150%). Training the archery skill in the Training camp also now costs more and the ranged weapon hitting skill trains slower in battles.

* The demo version now lasts for 160 minutes instead of 120 minutes.

* Minor: If you have 'Partially hide trees on mouse-over' enabled, the trees' opacity will now change to 34% instead of to 50%.

* Minor: Battle events bar and unit information bar are now enabled in battles by default.

* The red notification texts (for example the X clan's turn text) have been made white and clearer text.

* Players are now given a warning if they press the 'Start battle' button without any units battle-checked (when they are about to forfeit a battle).

New features:

* Tooltips on mouse-over when your mouse is over a top left bar icon in the battle or over a command text or over some mercenary camp buttons or over a shop category changing sample item.

* A new battle icon which, if clicked, will select an enemy unit and centre the map position on it. Clicking it again will select the next enemy unit and centre on it.

* You are now able to mark units in the Mercenary camp so that the quick info text in the mercenaries list will be displayed in a different colour. Those marks will stay on the mercenary until the bidding is ended. Every mercenary you bid on will be automatically marked and you can also unmark mercenaries.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

great changes!
one more to add - i hardly need feature to see a range from my unit to mouse cursor...
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Mitorah Games Studio Head

Joined: 29 Aug 2004
Posts: 331
Location: Finland

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 5:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A new upper left battle UI icon will be added to the Gold Version. If the icon is clicked, the game will enable or disable showing the range to your mouse cursor from the active unit.

However currently you can try to attack an enemy unit from a longer distance to see how much too far away you are from the enemy.

Thank you for your suggestion, however try to post further suggestions in the player suggestions forum category.

Last edited by Tertsi on Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:42 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:59 pm    Post subject: Some good ideas for fixes Reply with quote

The basic game structure is ok, but there are a few things that would help:

1) Weapons are way too strong. This is massively magnified with range weapons (more on that later), but all the higher end weapons hit WAY too hard, armor becomes irrelevant, too quickly. There's just no reason to buy armor that blocks 20 points (high end armor), when mid-range weapons hit for 40 or more.

I'd flat out remove the two best weapons in each class, and lower armor prices 10% at least.

2) No brainer decisions on weapons. More expensive weapons do more damage and hit more reliably. I don't like how a guy can simply hire and archer, buy the top bow, and obliterate my army.

Why not have the more damaging weapons be less accurate? This would put more decision making into buying weapons, instead of the no-brainer it is now. Also, only skilled fighters would USE the high damage weapons, which really makes more sense, since such weapons should only be more effective in the hands of more skilled warriors.

3) No variety in combat. Every fight has the opposing forces start out 60 (?) paces from each other. This make ranged combat ridiculously dominating, since high end bows kill with one shot, and archers get a 8 or more such shots before the enemies could even hope to close to melee.

I'd have more variety in the starting distance between forces, between 10 and 2/3rds of whatever it is now.

4) No variety in figures; a goblin should be much harder to hit than a giant, and other races should likewise have something special to them besides their stats. Maybe it's in there somewhere, but I can't see the effect.

Alas, gotta go, but these are my first thoughts on a somewhat fun game.

Take care,

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Mitorah Games Studio Head

Joined: 29 Aug 2004
Posts: 331
Location: Finland

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the suggestions, but please make a new thread about them next time in the Player suggestions category and please reply to this thread only if you have some comments about the 1.01 version.

There is a lot of variety in where the opposing forces start as they will start as far away as the maximum damage dealing range is + 8 (but there is a minimum distance). (The distance is a lot less than 60 usually, especially now that the best bow's range was decreased.)

As you can read from the changes, the bows were re-balanced in this version.

There are lots of units with enough health points to be able to take just about any melee hit with a high-end armour and the reason why the maximum armour defence is merely around 30 is that middle-class fighters could still harm them with luck. However I'll consider the cons and pros of making some better armours.

It makes it a lot easier for the AI to understand what to buy when everything's price is based directly on its value. Still, sometimes a worse item can be better if it has better hit or block bonuses and your unit does enough damage already for example.

Goblins are better in dodging than giants but they are also meant to be the weakest race in the game and their current dodging skill is based solely on their size as they are too dumb to try dodging too much otherwise. There are many other differences between the races which you can read about from the next version's manual.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:57 am    Post subject: bug Reply with quote

I've played to the second last division match of year 807 and now i can't go any further cuz whenever i click battle, the game crashes, even if i retire all my units to forfeit the match. Also, during a battle, when placeing my units, sometimes, it makes an error noise and the game crashes. Is there any patch to fix these game crashes? It would help a lot.
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Mitorah Games Studio Head

Joined: 29 Aug 2004
Posts: 331
Location: Finland

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

eternal_dragon that placing units bug which caused the game to crash sometimes is now fixed and the fix will be introduced in the very soon to be released 1.02 version. You can avoid that bug by closing the unit info bar before trying to place units.
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