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Suggestion (mildly drunk) hic

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:53 am    Post subject: Suggestion (mildly drunk) hic Reply with quote

Lil rant on archers

Even if i get my troll with 85 hps and my ogre with 66 hps hasted with mid lv plate they take like 35 damage a pop from like 3 cheap archers on the other side and never make it to em.Easy fix for this dont make melee price per turn so high. If you save up enough for a troll or an ogre You shouldnt be penalized so much.In group 6 or 5 you never get enough gold to outfit em.With my 4 guys is like 1200 per battle salrey.I think if i ever could get them good armor theyed do fine but 1200 sal when winning 2600 gold plus training every turn ... well.The way i see it to win is to get cheap archers rogue or just archers cost crap per turn can kill at will at like 30 range.Good melee would work i think but the salry price is so high you can never afford the 35 ac plate.

Err so to break down that rant 3 kick ass mellees that cost 1200 gp a turn as members wearing crap will never beat 3 crap ass archers with the best missle weapons that cost 400 per turn. For the simple reason i only win like 2700 a battle and half that goes to salery.

3 archers on bad guy team only need 3 good bows and the units are cheap my melees need good helm good armor and 10 years to get there even hasted.Oh and good weapons if they survive to kick ass if they get there.And my 2 elves stone skin the ogre and the troll too dont matter like 35 dam a whack and they have mid lv plate and helm.

On the off side the ai isnt super bright so if i made like 2 rogues and 3 archers i could prob win the game in like 8 hours played but im kinda a melee nut.Magic does seem balanced though the whole archer i win button kinda anoying. If they can kick so much ass the ranged units should cost more then they wouldnt have the best bow in the game by div 5 while my melee units cost 485 gold (troll) per turn well over 1k for my 4 units.

ps love the game too man playin the hell outa it just anoying on the ranged to melee thing

Pss i read the post on the archer fixes too before i wrote this but the prob is melee need 3 items to survive and all cost gold and archer only needs a bow and they are cheaper sal the melee units.
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