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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.76 version

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 2:42 pm    Post subject: The 0.76 version Reply with quote

Bug fixes:

* Fixed a minor precision bug which sometimes caused the AI to move slightly closer to an enemy than it had to. This wasn't noticable untill implementing the assaulting commands.
* AI could decide to shoot another arrow right before the other arrow's hitting sound effects were played and that caused AI to be able to shoot two times.
* Now when an unit dies by a ranged weapon, it doesn't die before the arrow hits it graphically.
* Sometimes the previous sound effect was played instead of the correct one.
* You were able to change the target unit while the arrow was flying by selecting an unit which caused the selected unit to take damage instead of the target if the arrow hit.
* Only computer controlled clans' racial equipment buying restrictions were properly implemented and the "no armour", "no armour nor helm", "no equipment" and "no heavy armour" racial attributes had no effect when players bought equipment.
* Minor: If only a certain part of a bridge was visible on the current map's position, the shadow didn't display and on the horizontal bridges, the bottom part didn't either in this case.
* Minor: Fixed the minotaurs' story's text alignment in the racial information box.


* Now when a certain unit doesn't have an armour and should use a medium/heavy armour but the owner AI clan of the unit doesn't have enough gold for the worst medium/heavy armour at the time, AI will buy it a light armour to use untill the clan has more gold.
* Changed the 50% ranged attack penalty to hit drakes when they are flying to 25%, same as imps cause of their smaller size although they fly lower and therefore removed the ranger penalty 50% attribute completely. This invalidates all former versions' saved games.
* Now also wizards, mysteryarchs and druids can't wear heavy armours even if they had enough strength but they usually didn't have.

New features:

* All unit still images displayed. The drakes and imps can't fly in this version though.
* Blood effects on hitting. The amount of blood that flows from the body depends on damage taken.
* Implemented the assault torso/head commands so that now both players and AI can use it. Assaulting moves the unit in range to the enemy, deals 135% damage, costs only 1 speed point + movement, reduces final hitting chance by 25% and makes you 35% easier to melee hit untill your next turn. Assaulting shouts are missing from this version though.
* The health and mana points now restore as intented after a test battle for all units who survived the battle.
* In addition to being able to skip a bidding turn by left clicking the "Skip bidding turn" button in the mercenary camp, you can now right click it to skip 10 turns so those who want to bid after AI's most bids don't have to click the button so many times.
* You can now rearrange your unit order with the arrow keys which affects on which order the units are in the management menus' face avatar bar and in which order you place the units in the battle field.
* Replaced the temporary face avatars of the mysteryarchs, aragans, giants, mountain trolls and ogres with their final face avatars.
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