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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.68 version

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:52 pm    Post subject: The 0.68 version Reply with quote

Bug fixes:

* Fixed a difficulty selection bug which occured if you started a new game more than once on a gaming session.
* Fixed the weird keyboard behaviour bug which occured after alt tabbing. Now the alt tabbing works completely.
* Fixed a minor and rare bug caused by crossed rivers which caused a misplaced half bridge to show up.
* Fixed a bug which caused early auto-saved games (before 30/3/799) to become very slightly, but significantly corrupted. Other saved games didn't have this bug.
* Forgot to save the next battle type, so when you loaded a game it acted like there weren't a battle next round even if there were. - Fixed.
* Also only the active units are now saved so the saved games take very significantly less space and aren't corrupted with uninitialized units. Loading a saved game should now be bug-free and the auto-saving now takes less than a second.
* Fixed a bug which caused AI levels 3 and 4 to use the AI levels 1 and 2 unit battle checking code instead of their own.
* Fixed a bug which caused AI not to battle-check any units if the enemy clan had no units which caused both clans to forfeit.
* The changed number to text function of the 0.62 version didn't work correctly and sometimes displayed only the first 4 numbers, therefore causing various odd prices etc. - Fixed.


* Improved the AI bidding range code for AI values 2-4 and completely changed the way that AI 4 bids, which also improved the speed of AI 4 bidding greatly. Also some general improvements and a few speed optimizations were made to the AI bidding. As a result of these changes you will now only see the "loading [x] AI bidding rounds and doing AI management" alert box for a blink of an eye even on the first round on a modern computer.
* Made a minor signing on fee price calculation improvement.
* Removed hide/show left/right bar hotkeys, hide/show left bar because the left bar won't exist and hide/show right bar because now the hide/show all bars does the same thing as the hide/show right bar. Added mouse scrolling lock/unlock and switch to melee/ranged hotkeys in.
* Changed mouse cursor rendering from automatic to manual which improved the mouse cursor performance greatly.
* Changed the resurrection spell to pray ability. See the description in-game for details about the ability.

New features:

* Added races' story fields but only a few of the races have a story currently.
* You and a random AI opponent will now be able to place the battle-checked units on the map and you will also be able to do everything with them that you could normally do except for attacking and casting spells. AI will just skip its turns. This is implemented in the start battle button in the clan menu when you right click it instead of left click it. You will also hear the battle music when in the battle mode.
* Every race's unit are displayed as a knight even if it wasn't a knight because it's the only race with finished unit graphics.
* Pressing the print screen key will now take a screenshot and save it as a .png file in the folder where the executable is.

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