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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.97 final open beta version

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2005 2:31 pm    Post subject: The 0.97 final open beta version Reply with quote

Note: The former versions' saved games don't work in this version.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed the options menu's music and SFX slider graphic positioning after changing the settings.
* Summoned units now won't try to hit flying creatures and pass the turn cause of that.
* If an unit was damaged by a spell, the selected unit's taking hit sound was played, whether the spell's target was the selected unit or not so sometimes the wrong taking hit sound was played.
* Equipment restrictions are now properly taken into account when the management AI is determining if all units of the clan have good enough equipment to recruit another unit.
* Chain lightning sometimes got stuck striking from unit X to unit Y and unit Y to unit X without moving on to other nearby unit.
* AI controlled units could sometimes shoot twice in battles if there was a thunder storm.
* The Unit of the battle award was given to the last unit instead of the winner.
* On bigger AI 3-4 level controlled clans, some units were placed inproperly so that their position didn't match the tilemap state which caused various problems. Some other critical but rare bugs like this were also fixed.
* If an unit had a Magical shield and an AI controlled enemy could have tried to cast a negative spell at it although Magical shield blocks all negative spells and damage. (So battle AI could have spent an unit's turn just to see an unit's spell get blocked by Magical shield.)
* Negative star points were calculated because of a bug when a melee hit didn't go through an armour. This caused some units to have 2xxxxxx total star points even though they had negative star points because the star points variables don't record the negative sign.
* There was a bug in the Fire storm, Chain lightning and Blizzard AI casting desirability and target determining codes which caused the AI decision routines of mages who had one or more of those spells to get stuck often, which in turn caused the beta testing code to create Stuck.txt and terminate the program after the AI had taken too much time before action.
* Some other, minor bugs were fixed.


* The grass and lush grass terrain textures were improved greatly.
* Drakes' breath fire ability now costs half of the drake's starting speed points + 1 speed points (Used to take the whole turn). This caused the breath fire ability to become more easily used as it was more of a frightening method to keep any melee units within range moving.
* Drakes now regenerate mana as fast as mysteryarchs. (1 mana point per turn instead of 0.5.)
* Increased the original game mode's (Game mode A) ticket income from battles and the first two rounds' Small clans' cup's winning gold awards.
* The map now won't scroll even if the mouse scrolling lock isn't enabled if you put your cursor on any of the top UI bar buttons.
* Battle AI now controls drakes better and can avoid drakes better also.
* Now when a restoration spell is cast, the next unit's turn won't start immediately and the map position is centered to the target so you can see the effect for a little while.
* Spells' bolts are now followed automatically just like arrows.
* AI will now basically attack with full force in a battle if the enemy doesn't have melee fighters.
* AI units now determine the desirability of moving to shooting range of a particular target and not just the desirability to move in range to cast some spell. This change makes Ranger mages better at determining if they should cast a spell or move to missile weapon range.
* The base battle skill improving chance which is affected by units' intelligence was increased from 30% to 36%.
* Successfully casting a spell and learning from it (by chance) now improves its casting chance 160% more.
* All other skills are trained 90% more in battles whenever they would improve normally.
* Minor: Improved spell casting desirability battle AI for the spell 'Haste'.
* Minor: Management AI is now better at determining when to pay the other half of a contract's sum on non-membership contracts.
* Minor: Battle AI now doesn't try to kill nor cast any spells at nearly dead enemies which are poisoned or affected by Tear from inside.
* There were some other, minor changes.

New features:

* You can now select a game mode when you start a new game. There are three game modes available: 'Start simple and grow slowly' (the current mode), 'Start fairly simple and grow' and 'Start tactical' (with 12 random units of which basecost is around a certain value).
* Year's unit star points TOP 3 units' clans are now notified and awarded with gold pieces.
* Imps are now able to fly over obstacles but they need to land on an unoccupied spot.
* You can now enable or disable the fast dice mode from the top battle UI bar. If the new mode is enabled, the starting speed points rolling won't occur.
* Implemented the wizards' racial information and story. Now all race stories are written and implemented.
* Implemented the rest of the damage taking sounds (for imps, elves, human druids and human witches) and now all races have their own 5 damage taking sounds. In some former versions' new damage taking sound effects weren't mistakenly played but now all of them are.
* All spell effects' sounds. There were no spell sounds before this version.
* Minor: You are now notified when you win the Unit of the battle award. You are also able to block the message from showing up. It is mainly there to tell the players that they win some gold when they win the Unit of the battle award.
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