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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.86 version

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 2:30 pm    Post subject: The 0.86 version Reply with quote

Bug fixes:

* When a clan dropped and was replaced by a new clan, the former clan's members appeared in the mercenary camp without the proper updates, so they appeared there as dead mercenaries usually.
* Because of slight typos in "blunt weapon missed" and "sword missed" sound effect names, those two sounds weren't played when they should have been.
* Fixed a rare mercenary recruiting bug which caused a clan to bid 0 gp for a mercenary (therefore get the mercenary for free). This bug might have appeared only when making this version and possibly didn't exist in the 0.821 version though.
* Fixed a bug which caused AI to put a mage to learn the same spell more than once which caused the unit to have a copy or two of the same spells in the "Cast a spell" -list.
* Fixed the sixth division clans' first cup match arranging bug which affected only human controlled clans which were in the sixth division.
* Minor: Clans' total battle salaries weren't updated when a dead unit was resurrected. They were updated before a battle though so this wasn't really significant.


* The turn now changes to the opponent's next unit after every unit's turn. The clans used to move all of their units before the next opponent's turn.
* The starting distance between the clans' units in battle now depends on the best ranged spell or missile weapon if any or the distance is only 14, so that the battles are a lot quicker and there's only a few rounds before one or both of the clans can harm another.
* The real battle preview mode now selects the real next enemy of the active player to battle against instead of a random enemy if the player is having a battle next round.
* Now the active player will have a battle instead of the first player if the start battle button is right-clicked.
* The story of the orcs was rewritten completely, except their racial tips part.
* Changed map theme chances to the following values: lush grass 45%, grass 37%, dirt 12% and desert 6%.
* Changed the way that AI 3 intelligency level clans bid. (More similar to AI 4 than AI 2 and the method is now faster.)
* The value of the breath fire and flying (this ability includes that when the creature is flying, it can only be melee hit by other flying creatures) abilities were raised and as a result, the very powerful drakes now cost even more.
* Now when you right click a selected unit other than the active unit in battle, you won't see the race information as it doesn't seem to be an useful feature when you can read them in so many other places in-game already. Instead you will now move towards the unit (untill you are in melee/missile weapon range) just like before selecting the unit.
* Improved the Fire ball effect.
* Changed the Magus boutique's destruction and enchantment spell icons.
* The map position used to follow the arrows' flight by centering the map position to the arrow position which made the arrow flight look more weird than normally. Now the map position will change gradually and the arrow flight looks better.
* The battle unit order is now determined by the displayed face avatar unit order instead of the units' initial placed positions in the map. This will be changed back if it turns out the older method was preferred.
* The drakes will now take off with the right animation timers instead of immediately when they've been placed on the battlefield.
* Some battle events' text was rendered on top of the battle event scrolling buttons, those events' text is now aligned better.
* Unit's toughness used to be determined by basecost + total cost of equipment which worked alright but now determining it is more complex and improved so that AI and statistics determine the units' toughness just about perfectly.
* If an AI clan has more than 17000 gp, the AI manager's desirability to bid for a mercenary increases (by how much depends on how much over 17000 gp the clan has). An AI clan used to have over 17000 gp after a round only when it couldn't find a better than average unit of the type it was looking for and its units had top equipment, but it is smarter to accept a good enough unit if you have too much gold laying around.
* All spells' static success chance bonus was changed from 30% to 10%, due to 30% causing too high spell casting success chances.
* Thunder storms were made a lot more dangerous.
* All units on the ground are now rendered on the same layer as trees to avoid weird renderings caused by a tree rendered one tile above a big unit such as ogre so that the unit would seem to have a tree head.
* There were some other minor changes.

New features:

* The player is be able to cast all of the 42 spells.
* All intelligency levels' battle AIs are implemented although not fully polished yet and you can temporarely get some information of their decided tactics for beta testing purposes by right clicking a selected enemy unit. All AI controlled clans are also able to cast all spells.
* 9 more races' getting hit sound effects (45 new sound effects). 18 out of 22 races have their own unique getting hit sound effects now.
* More race stories included.
* When right clicking a dead unit's face avatar in a clan management menu, you will now see "Resurrect unit - all" if there is more than one unit dead and your clan has enough gold to resurrect all of the units. You can then either click the "Resurrect unit" text to resurrect just that one unit or the "all" text to resurrect every dead unit.
* The game now loads the main menu with a game loading progress bar before loading various other resources.
* This and later versions' installer will detect if DirectX 9c or newer is installed and if not, will download and install it before proceeding to install the game.


* The former versions' saved games don't work in this version.
* The Bad luck, Sorrow, Tear from inside, Enchanted strength and Giant's strength use temporary graphics in this version.
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