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Gold version suggestions

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 5:03 am    Post subject: Gold version suggestions Reply with quote

Sorry, but I can't post in Player suggestions section without logging in. Wink
Anyways, althought all those suggestions for modding are great, I'd like to point out that games can become broken when the player has too much control over the gaming environment. This is due to the psychological factor that people always want wat they cannot have.
For example, lets say they realli, realli want to have 10 drakes in their army. If they were to achieve that goal normally, it'd take more than 3 months (probably), but because of the mod, they can mod the code for rarity of drakes to be very common and let division 8 players start with 1 million gold, thus allowing them to hire 10 drakes almost immediately, outbidding even division 1 clans. What I'm trying to get at is: that player just lost 2 months of fun playing this great game!!! I know that it's the player's decision and choice and all that, but in reality, who doesn't want to have EVERYTHING they want Right away? Razz Anyway, after getting their 10 drakes, the player won't have (or will at least have less of) the incentive to play anymore, since he's already reached his goal, thus missing out on all the fun!
Therefore, I suggest to keep the modding already allowed, but not to add even MORE ways for the player to mod the game. I dunno if that's what everyone wants, and mebbe this game's supposed to allow for modding, hence the shareware, but I'm just trying not to ruin the fun for the players who buy the gold version.
*before any modder who's dead pissed at me rite now starts cooking up a virus to send to me, just consider this as a neutral message plz. Laughing
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