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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.8 version

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 4:22 pm    Post subject: The 0.8 version Reply with quote

Bug fixes:

* There was a bug which occured with ~1% chance when loading the real battle test mode and caused the game to crash.
* AI 1-5 battles' contract recruiting didn't work as intented due to using wrong clan indexes when determining if the clan is threatened and in need of some extra units for the next battle(s).
* AI was able to place dead battle-checked units on the battlefield in the 'real battle test mode'.
* When AI had only one speed point left and tried to move to a spot which required 1.5 speed points, an alert text kept showing up telling "Not enough speed points left" while the AI tried to move there. Now the AI won't make this mistake.
* If more than one blood effect was showing at a time, they used the same timers and therefore moved weirdly.
* The 0.76 version's training camp had a bug which caused you and AI to be unable to train attributes such as intelligence with clan training.
* Fixed various melee weapon buying bugs which, when you knew the tricks, caused you to be able to buy any two melee weapons (including two-handed ones) and wear a shield with a two-handed weapon.
* Minor: When you were placing units and had 'show unit info bar' enabled, you weren't able to place any units below the invisible unit info bar. (The bar is invisible if it's enabled when placing units because no units are selected before they are placed in the battle field.)
* Minor: When you held the right mouse button down to calculate a path to an unoccipied spot and then to an occupied spot after which you tried to calculate the path to the previous unoccupied spot it didn't display the path there unless you moved the cursor to a different unoccupied spot first.


* The activated and selected unit are now marked with visual effects instead of borderlines.
* Instead of the path highlighting borderlines, you will now see cooler, but still colour customizable marks on the highlighted path.
* Blood will now show in a more proper layer instead of showing on the top layer as a temporary solution.
* Arrows now fly straightly to the target (instead of path-finding style) even when the target isn't straightly in-line with the shooter.
* Reduced the amount of new units which would show up in the mercenary camp during the year.
* If more than one AI 3 or 4 value controlled clan's unit doesn't have the basic equipment for that type of unit (or any equipment), the AI will now determine which unit to buy some equipment first based on the unit toughness (how good the unit is) and not unit order.
* Instead of double clicking with the left mouse button an unit in the mercenary camp, you now need to right click the selected mercenary to view its racial information.
* Minor: Witches' speed was increased from 3-5 to 4-5.
* Minor: The too visible arrow's shadow's opacity was reduced from 35% to 20%.

New features:

* The player is now able to cast drain mana, chain lightning, lightning, break armour, stone skin, confuse, sleep, minor healing, healing, greater healing, master healing, cure, negate, magic arrow and thunder storm. (15 of 42 spells, AI won't cast spells yet in this version.)
* The temporary text graphics of the Turaken's armoury and Jardel's weaponry were replaced by the intented item images.
* Face avatars of the drakes, centaurs and wizards. Now all face avatars are finished and implemented in the game.
* You can now see unit's item type images on the unit info bar.
* The magus boutique's logo and staff image were placed.
* The racial information of mysteryarchs, human barbarians and human rogues were implemented.

Note: The former versions' saved games don't work in this version.
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