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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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The 0.74 version

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 12:54 pm    Post subject: The 0.74 version Reply with quote

Link to this version's snapshot.

Bug fixes:

* The installer didn't install the custom fonts properly and therefore the game used Arial font instead of the correct custom fonts on all machines where the fonts hadn't been installed before. The font installing has been fixed.
* Fixed the annoying random item info pop-up bug of the real battle preview mode.
* Fixed a crash bug which sometimes occured when updating the division ranks. On most computers the program crashed rarely if at all cause of this and on some computers it crashed more often.
* If you had more than one battle-checked unit in the real battle preview mode, all of the units were duplicates of the first battle-checked unit, fixed.
* Now when an unit's contract ends, it will lose it's equipment and restore all appropriate variables.
* When you alt-tabbed when in the real battle preview mode, it would change the turn if it was your turn because of pressing tab. Now it doesn't if you press alt at the same time.
* Fixed a bug in the clan training skill improvement formula, ability clan training wasn't affected by this bug.
* Now blocking with a shield skill also improves if the unit has a shield when training an unit's or clan's melee blocking or fighting.
* In certain cases, you could have had a shield and a two handed melee weapon equipped at the same time, now you can't.
* Fixed an options bug which occured when you had checked the options several times and pressed cancel, it reverted to old settings instead of the ones you had just before checking options.
* Minor: Forgot to display the "loading mainmenu music" text if you pressed esc in the real battle preview mode instead of pressing the 'X button'. Now it displays that text.
* Minor: Fixed a rare graphical bug which occured sometimes when selecting the difficulty.
* Minor: The "X clan's turn" fading text was now made to display on the first round also.


* If you switch back to desktop (alt-tab) when running the game, the game will now only use 0.00x% of CPU resources untill you come back to the game so you are able to do anything while having the game running in the background.
* All text input was improved greatly and now you can also do anything else, including pressing buttons in the main menu or options while the game requests key input.
* Mercenary contracts now cost slightly more.
* Reduced the speed point dice rolling time by ~40%.
* When trying to change a hotkey to some key that's already used, it will now overwrite the hotkey instead of ignoring the input.
* Now only the units who will get trained if you choose a particular skill or ability will increase the cost of the clan training of that skill or ability. Before this change, all alive units who hadn't been trained that round increased the cost.
* Set VSYNC off by default, it used to be on. This can still be changed from within options.ini.
* Made various balancing changes to the equipment in Battles of Norghan and increased all health points of the units by 30% due to otherwise too high weapon damages. Names of some items were also changed and ten new items added. Now there are 192 different items in Battles of Norghan.

New features:

* Added most of the races' stories but the main story of the game is still unfinished.
* Added flowers and plants to lush grass and grass themes, cracked dirt tiles to dirt theme and improved some of the terrain graphics, including created a lot better bridges.
* Added face avatars for priests, rogues and archers.
* Added a shadow effect to the battle mode notification texts and to the speed points left -number.
* You can now see 12 out of 22 of the different races' still images in this version and the rest of the races use the still images of the knight. No animations are displayed in this version and all moving will currently just 'teleport' the unit to the destination spot.
* Removed the temporary text graphics from the Dirathyn's bows shop and added the proper item images in place. Also changed the Jardel's weaponry's logo from the Dirathyn's bows shop to its own logo.
* Implemented the armour speed point reducing. If an unit has a heavy armour, the unit's speed points are reduced by 20%. If it has a medium armour, the unit's speed points are reduced by 10% and if the unit has a light armour or no armour, the speed points aren't reduced.
* You can now press the right mouse button to move your unit to any passable tile in the map, if you don't have enough speed points to move in the selected spot, it will still calculate the best path there but only allow you to move towards the spot untill your speed points run out. If you have path highlighting enabled and are holding the right mouse button, it will display the path and required speed points to get to the selected spot. If not, it will just display the required speed points. Right clicking a non-selected enemy unit will move your unit towards the farest spot (untill your speed points run out) where your currently equipped weapon can reach the enemy.
* Melee attacking and ranged attacking with a flying arrow were implemented with proper formulas and battle events but without animations and only a limited number of sound effects. Assaulting and spell casting are not yet in this version.
* Made a few notable improvements to the sound system.
* The easiest battle AI (AI value 1 out of 4) was implemented and currently all AI clans use it. (Without assaulting and spell casting as those features aren't implemented yet.) So now you will be able to fight the test battles and the test battles end when all of one clan's units are dead. Even this easiest battle AI will be improved.
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