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1.12 version released in October 2016!
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New player, demo version. easiest setting, feedback

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 4:26 am    Post subject: New player, demo version. easiest setting, feedback Reply with quote

took me a long time to figure out how to even start a battle.

Even after I figured out how to do the bid wars ...
No character I ever got was able to defeat the enemies.

Lots of terrain around, but I didn't see how any of it really effected strategy.

The basic lay-out of the game is promising.
But I need less confusion and more of a fighting chance to win a battle.

It didn't seem like the 150-turn bid session was really only that long.
and there was no counter that I could see, that showed me how many turns were left.

And the really good chars were too heavily bid for by the computer clans.

And I couldn't figure out how to train in just 'hand to hand' skills.
Surely. a hand-to-hand fighter can train attack, block, etc..

and first-round battles should be the most evenly matched. And careful choices should usually win for the player.

And the battle should just get harder as time goes on, unless you choose your growing team and what they bring to battle ... very carefullly.

and my Aragan Fighter mage had no spells catagory.

and it was confusing to see that the enemy was great at hitting me, but I almost always missed.
And whats an assault vs a regular attack?
-never seemd to be able to assault.

I'd like to see battle that work more like traditional old-school turn-based fights.
This felt more like a swing .... miss ... get hit ... swing ... miss ... get hit ... run ... get chased .. get hit ... swing ... hit ... do very minor dmg ... try to figure out how much dmg u did .... swing .. miss ... get hit ... die.
kind of fight.

I'd also like to see a travleable map, and a basic story.
And a RP atmosphere.
The "clan battles" should be the obession of the people that live in the land, and success in battles, should eventually enable the player to venture further into the world, and find new challenges.

It wasn't very fun for me.
BUT I posted here because it had great potential.

Please keep working on this.
With some changes, it could evolve into a classic.

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Mitorah Games Studio Head

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 5:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The bid session is carefully explained by the normal tutorial, I recommend you to choose the normal tutorial. It would have shown you how to easily go through the bidding process. The bidding turns are unlimited if you don't end the bidding, that's why there's no counter.

I recommend you to choose a strong melee unit for your first unit. The game's difficulty is very dynamic and even in the easiest setting the start-up difficulty depends a lot on what units the enemies and you get in the beginning. Players likely expect the easiest difficulty to be easy from the beginning no matter what unit you choose so perhaps there's something we can and will do about it in a future version.

Of course the AI clans bid for good units, and when they bid enough for them it's natural to auctions that the price of the unit increases.

You can train hand to hand skills in the training camp by training melee hitting, melee blocking or melee fighting. They will also train in battles when you successfully hit or block with your melee weapon(s).

That Aragan might not have learnt any spells yet, but the type field tells what the unit should be trained into. You can teach spells in the Magus boutique. Of course a ranger can't be a ranger before it has been given a bow.

I can't see how a travelable map would fit into this game so please tell me what you would be needing one for.

Assaulting moves the unit in range to the enemy, hits it dealing 135% damage, reduces final hitting chance by 25% and makes you 35% easier to melee hit until your next turn. Assaulting costs only 1 speed point + movement speed points.

Each race has its own story so if you want stories, there's 22 fairly long ones in the game along with the short story which just gets you going.
There's a good chance we'll be having a new main story in the Gold Version of Battles of Norghan.

Thank you for the feedback.
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