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Best Video Games to Play When You are Stoned


Have you ever wondered what you can do when you are high to the head? To be more exact, have you ever wondered what games you can play when you are high? Well, this below is the answer to everything. Take note; these games can be played as a group or you can rather play them on your own to have a good high enjoyment altogether. So, take a break from gaming and enjoy the games on this list.

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo is well known for its quality in producing best online casinos games that will ravel your party feathers. Mario Kart 64 is party-friendly. After all, the most fun is done with a stoned mind.

Fanatics and sheer lovers who love to be stoned by marijuana will fall in love with this treat from Nintendo.

What happens is that all stoned players come in and luckily there is no form of surrendering. Instead, players should be ready to get a bonus.

Losers do not get a chance to hit the bong, but for those that have luck on their side, they will have a chance to hit the bong.

However, be prepared to be toppled by your competitor because the more you get up the ladder, the more that you become vulnerable. So, focus is key!


Skyrim is there to stay. Set within dragons, the story of the underdog and a fog setting adds up to the whole scene. The game has fast rules. Players have to hit the bong when the guard attempts to carry them to jail.

Watch for your pal because the guard might also try to take him down. Your pal is also in a precarious position to be taken down by the police.

Grand Theft Auto

Very fun and very perfect for a stoned mind. Set in a Los Santos setup, you can make your own weed territory, by doing that, you can get great power. Spectacular when stoned and fun when sober!