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 Battles of Norghan
 is a turn-based
 fantasy strategy game
 by Mitorah Games.

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The Best Online Platforms To Buy PC Games


There are a few choices that you can make if you want to buy PC casino games. In the past, people used to buy PC games from steam only but that has changed. Although you still have few choices you can now compare prices before buying games.


If you have not heard of steam, probably because you have been buying all your games offline then you need to check it out. It has been in the game for a long time. This is the most popular platform that you can go to in order to buy your favourite PC games. Many modes of payments as well as currencies are accepted on this platform. You might want to check reviews before you purchase games because there are great games and not so great games on the platform.

Epic Games Store

This game store is new in the gaming industry for new casinos online and it is known for offering game developers a better percentage of the game sales. This is why they have managed to get exclusives when it comes to other games. This means some games are only found on this platform and not any other platform.


GOG sells all kinds of games but it started out specialising in old PC games. They further developed old PC games and made them compatible with newer PCs. If you want older versions that are compatible with your modern PC you can check this platform out. All games are sold DRM-free at GOG which is why most gamers prefer buying games at this store. The games will not be tied to any device meaning, you do not need to be logged on to any device to play a game.


This platform is an electronic gaming platform for arts. It is however not limited to EA developed games, it also sells other games. The platform also sells some exclusive games. You can also access some games via subscriptions.