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Poker Position Names


Poker position names may be difficult to understand for beginners. There may be different positions at the Poker table.

If you are not familiar with the different positions in Poker, here are some positions that we have listed for you.

Early Position

These are the first four seats on the left of a big blind. They are commonly called “ep” usually on australian online casino Poker.

Below are the positions of the four seats.

Seat 1

The seat is directly to the left of the button and it is called the small blind. Its abbreviations are SB. The small hand acts second to last but has to act first for every other round. It is regarded as the worst position because you have t6o pay money for the privilege of sitting there.

Seat 2

This seat is abbreviated as BB and you will be sitting directly to the left of the small blind. You get to have the last pre-flop at this position. Try not to lose in this seat.

Seat 3

In this seat, you will be directly to the left of the blind. It is abbreviated as UTG, meaning under the gun. The position is seldomly used.

Middle Position

These are three seats that are next to the early position. mlb betting players usually use abbreviations “MP” referring to these positions.

Seat 5

Seat 5 is directly to the left of under the gun plus one. It is under the gun plus two or early middle positions. The abbreviation is UGT.

Seat 6

This is the middle position, abbreviated as MP.

Seat 7

It is called the late middle position and abbreviated as MP as well.

Late Position

These are the last three positions, they are counted backward from the button. they are considered the best positions.

Seat 8

Seat eight is called the highjack.

Seat 9

It is called the cut off and abbreviated as CO.

Seat 10

This is the button or the dealer. The position is the most advantageous seat in a Poker game.