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 Battles of Norghan
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 fantasy strategy game
 by Mitorah Games.

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Longest Video Game Franchises


Video games have been around for many years and with the time that they have been around, they have changed as well as evolved to suit the technology trends that we have to this day. As the technology changes so do the games as well. But there are some games that have been around for so long and they have had many versions. The funny part is that these online casino united states games are still getting more and more versions. So much that they have made the list to be the longest ever game franchises.

The Oregon Trail, 46 years and 19 Games

The Oregon Trail was never created to be a game, in fact, it was created to be a teaching aid for 8th graders. However as time went on, throughout the years, the game evolved and has since managed to earn 19 different game titles. And while each title is a little different from the last the games are still ones that many people love and enjoy as well.

Game and Watch, 40 Years, 48 Games

Game and Watch is a game that rocked the 80ís with many people enjoying it. And throughout its time it has had several remakes as well. In total, there are 63 different Game and Watch systems and from those different systems, there are 48 different games. Imagine having such a long franchise of real money slots online.

Pac-Man 39 years, 38 Games

Pac-man is a game that many have enjoyed over the years. And with the many people that have enjoyed the game, there have many more versions of it that have been created. Because of the popularity of the game, we are sure that there are even online mobile phone applications of the game that players are able to enjoy.